What are “Watches”?

Watches are keywords that a user can configure on their ClinicalBid dashboard to stay up to date with new trials or gigs that are featured within ClinicalBid. Once a new keyword is added to the “Watches” list, the “Related Watches” list will show all items that have been posted containing any of the key terms on the “Watches” list.

When you click on a keyword, you will then see the list of all items that are related to this keyword, namely the proposals or gigs that contain that keyword.


The first keyword, named “Selected Watches” is always present. It is the default watchlist. When you are viewing a proposal or a gig and select the watch action, this item automatically gets add to your default watch list.

If you want to add custom keywords to your watchlist, you can do so by entering the keyword in the input and pressing submit. Any items that match this keyword will be shown when you click on it.