How much does ClinicalBid cost?

Most functionality in ClinicalBid cost is free.

Sponsors and Principal Investigators pay nothing to post and manage proposals. Consultants pay nothing for managing and replying to gigs.

Bidders only pay in two cases:

  1. Winning Bidder Selection: Bidders pay 3% of the winning bid. It costs nothing to bid. You only pay us when you win.
  2. Company Profile: To have your company listed in the Research Partners directory, we charge $499/month. Note: This listing is free to all bidding companies during our launch in 2019.

Recruiters only pay $49 for each gig posted. All other features are free. Note this fee is waived during our launch in 2019.

Just so we are really clear, during 2019, ALL FEES are $0. Nothing. Nada. Nunca. Zilch.