Can I send my resume when I apply for a Gig?

Yes, in fact, anytime a user applies for any gig, their resume will automatically be sent with the application, if you have uploaded your resume in your profile.

Start by clicking on the “Apply” button for the gig.

When you do so, a window will open that allows you to send a message to the Recruiter and decide what files to attach. By DEFAULT the resume attached to your profile is sent.

However, if a user does not want their resume sent when applying, the user can check the box stating not to include a resume.

You will also note there is a box that allows you to send a portfolio file. This file is NOT sent by default but can be sent if checked.

Resume and Portfolio Files

To configure your resume and portfolio, go to your Settings view and scroll down to the Profile Info section. You can press the “Resume Upload” and “Portfolio Upload” buttons to add your files. One file for each option.

To view the existing files, click on the download button on the right to obtain a copy of the current files.