Rescue that Failing Clinical Trial (without Anyone Knowing!)

Have a clinical trial in need of rescue?

Let’s face it, there are lots of ways a clinical trial can go sideways;

  • Patient enrollment is far below expectations.
  • Sites are not coming online fast enough or in sufficient numbers.
  • Staffing of critical personnel is not complete.
  • Your CRO has suddenly gone radio silent and is ignoring all attempts to communicate.
  • The data quality is less than impressive.
  • All of the above!

So what do you do when your trial is off the rails?

You need to find another partner but you may or may not have someone lined up. You don’t want your current partner to take their eye off the ball, even though the results might be less than stellar but somehow you need to find a new partner that you can transition to and SAVE THIS TRIAL!

This is where ClinicalBid Private Proposals can help. By posting a private, invitation-only proposal you can rescue your current trial by soliciting new partners without your current partner being aware of your desire to move on. A private proposal ONLY goes to those bidders you invite and CANNOT be viewed by anyone not on the invite list.

Clinicalbid Golden Ticket

The bidder must be invited in order to bid, period! Only you can give them the “golden ticket” that allows them to read and respond to your request.

So now you can find that new partner, transition your problematic trial to a new partner and get back to the business of clinical research.

Want to learn more about using this feature and others? Check out our FAQ page for quick tutorials.

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