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Sponsor or PI Proposal FAQs (6)

As a Principal Investigator/Sponsor, when you post your proposal any bidder can see your proposal.

ONLY users who have a valid account can actually see the full contents of your proposal. We do NOT publish your proposal outside of ClinicaBid nor can other Internet users see it without being logged in.

Easy. At the top of your main menu is a option titled “Research Partners”. Just click on it to being up the search interface.

Find Research Partners image

The beauty of ClinicalBid is that they don’t need to “find you”. You find THEM! (sort of)

When new bids are posted, as a CRO or Lab (aka a Bidder), you will get email from ClinicalBid informing you new proposals have been posted. Just sit back and relax. We will bring opportunities to you.

This is also ideal for Sponsors and Principal Investigators as they don’t have to hunt for the right partner, we make those matches happen automatically as soon as the new proposal is posted.

As as Sponsor/Principal Investigator, you can view all of the submitted from your dashboard. In the Proposal Management table, you can click on the Trophy icon to see all of the existing bids.

Proposal bid review

This will take you to the Bid Listing where all bids are listed in the column on the left. Clicking on any bid will show the Bid Summary (first tab) and attached Bid Documents (second tab).

Bid Summary

Assuming your are logging in as a Sponsor (Principal Investigator), when you go to your dashboard, you can start the proposal posting process by clicking on the “Plus, Post a New Proposal” button in the upper left corner of the Proposal table.

Clicking this option will launch the “New Proposal Wizard” which will walk you through the process of defining and posting a new proposal.

Once you have completed this proposal, it will be immediately made available for submissions and a listing added to your Proposal dashboard for your access and management.

Absolutely! Just do to your dashboard, and select the “Pencil” icon on the row related to the proposal you want to edit. This will take you to the Proposal Wizard where you can edit any field.

Edit existing proposal

If you make any changes to the proposal, all users who are watching or have previously bid on this proposal will be notified via email that the proposal has been updated so that they can respond appropriately.

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