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Watches are keywords that a user can configure on their ClinicalBid dashboard to stay up to date with new trials or gigs that are featured within ClinicalBid. Once a new keyword is added to the “Watches” list, the “Related Watches” list will show all items that have been posted containing any of the key terms on the “Watches” list.

When you click on a keyword, you will then see the list of all items that are related to this keyword, namely the proposals or gigs that contain that keyword.


The first keyword, named “Selected Watches” is always present. It is the default watchlist. When you are viewing a proposal or a gig and select the watch action, this item automatically gets add to your default watch list.

If you want to add custom keywords to your watchlist, you can do so by entering the keyword in the input and pressing submit. Any items that match this keyword will be shown when you click on it.

Category: General FAQs

Most functionality in ClinicalBid cost is free.

Sponsors and Principal Investigators pay nothing to post and manage proposals. Consultants pay nothing for managing and replying to gigs.

Bidders only pay in two cases:

  1. Winning Bidder Selection: Bidders pay 3% of the winning bid. It costs nothing to bid. You only pay us when you win.
  2. Company Profile: To have your company listed in the Research Partners directory, we charge $499/month. Note: This listing is free to all bidding companies during our launch in 2019.

Recruiters only pay $49 for each gig posted. All other features are free. Note this fee is waived during our launch in 2019.

Just so we are really clear, during 2019, ALL FEES are $0. Nothing. Nada. Nunca. Zilch.

Category: General FAQs

When you are selected as the winning bidder on a proposal, ClinicalBid will send an invoice to your email address for the related fees. ClinicalBid accepts all forms of payment including credit card, Paypal, and corporate checks. Simply remit your fees with a copy of your invoice. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

The fee rate for your winning bid is stated in our Selection Fee Agreement and on the ClinicalBid home page.

Oh, this will also be accompanied by a heart-felt congratulations on your win from us! 😉

Category: General FAQs

To edit your profile, select the My Account menu and then the Settings option. This will take you to your profile management view.

Edit Profile
Category: General FAQs

To delete you ClincialBid account, go to account settings by clicking on the “My account” button and select settings.

Go to “additional settings” at the bottom of the settings page. Open the “Account action” drop box and select “Delete account”.

Click save, and finalize by selecting “yes, delete it” when prompted.

Clinical bid will retain all accounts for 30 days, so if an account is deleted accidentally, you can contact support to restore their account.

Category: General FAQs

As a Bidder, you might have noticed when you create an account, we require you to be associated with a Company. When you are the first person who is associate with a company, you become the de-facto administrator of that companies profile.

If, in the future, you wish to change the admin account or your company, please contact support@clinicalbid.com to request that change. We do not allow you to do it yourself as we want to make sure the right people are managing company accounts.

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Yes, ClinicalBid has an internal messaging system. You can access it using the Inbox button on the main menu.

Inbox button

Once you are in the Inbox view, to send a new message, click on the green Pencil & Paper icon to open a new messaging window. In the new messaging window you can search for other users by name and then send them a new message. The message thread will then be shown in the left-hand menu so that you can keep track of your conversations.

Inbox New Message
Category: General FAQs

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