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Bidder Proposal FAQs (9)

Yes, as a Bidder (CRO or Lab), when a proposal you are watching or have bid on changes, you will get an email alerting you to updates.

As a Bidder (CRO or Lab), if you have a question about an open proposal, you can ask a question of the Sponsor by clicking on the Ask button in the Proposal Details view. This will allow you to enter your question which will then be sent to the Sponsor for review.

Ask a Question

If the Sponsor feels the question is appropriate, they will answer the question, which will then allow all users to see the question and associate answer.

Please be aware, a Sponsor may decide NOT to respond to a question at their own discretion.

As a Bidder, when you create your account, you are able to select an associated company from the Company listing. The first person to associate themselves with a company automatically becomes the Admin of that company account.

Once that person is designated as the admin, they will be able to edit the company profile information from their main menu by selecting the Company listed, as shown below.

While we wish everyone could win every time, when you don’t win a proposal, we update your dashboard with the change of status.

Bid not selected

The beauty of ClinicalBid is that they don’t need to “find you”. You find THEM! (sort of)

When new bids are posted, as a CRO or Lab (aka a Bidder), you will get email from ClinicalBid informing you new proposals have been posted. Just sit back and relax. We will bring opportunities to you.

This is also ideal for Sponsors and Principal Investigators as they don’t have to hunt for the right partner, we make those matches happen automatically as soon as the new proposal is posted.

In the main menu of ClinicalBid is the Proposal Search option. Clicking on this option will open the proposal search view.

Search for proposals

When the proposal search view is shown, the open proposals in the system will be listed in the column on the left. Clicking on any proposal will show the summary details of the proposal and allow you to perform certain actions, should you desire.

Proposal Search view

If you want to refine your search you can enter a keyword in the search bar or used advance options to further clarify your search.

Advanced proposal search

As a Bidder (aka CRO or Lab), when you find a proposal you want to bid on, simply click on the Bid button in the summary view of the proposal.

Bid on a Proposal

Once you click on this link, the bid submission view will open.

Bid Submission View

In the bid submission view, you will be able to fill in your bid information and submit your proposal to the Sponsor.

Proposal Submission

As a Bidder, you can view your bids in your bid dashboard. If you want to rescind (delete) a bid, you can do so by clicking on the Trashcan icon for each bid.

Rescind a bid

When you do rescind a bid, you will be asked to confirm this action in order to make sure it was not an errant selection.

When the Bid is rescinded, the bid will no longer be visible to the Sponsor in their dashboard.

As a Bidder, if you have submitted a bid for a proposal and the proposal is still open, you can edit/update that proposal at any time. To do so click on the Pencil icon related to the bid in your dashboard.

Once you click on this icon, you will be shown a view where you can update your previous information.

Bid Update

Once you make your edits, you can press the Update Bid button to commit them. If you want to preserve your previous bid, you can press the Download Bid button to obtain a CSV file containing your bid information.

Bid Update Warning

Note, when you update a previous bid, all prior bid information is overwritten.

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