Born from Necessity…

About two years ago we were out getting quotes for a clinical trial we wanted to conduct. Protocol in hand, we went knocking on several doors. We received a variety of responses ranging from $25,000 to $250,000.

Frankly, we were shocked!

Now granted, different research organizations can provide different levels of service, but this definitely raised some eyebrows, and some questions.

Things we know…

  • We know that last thing a researcher wants to do is hunt for dollars and quotes.
  • We know that it’s not easy to find the right research partner and consultants to facilitate a trial.
  • We know many of the clinical trials are contracted via the normal “grip and grin” process through connections and prior knowledge.
  • We know research organizations spend tons of money on marketing. Money perhaps better spent elsewhere.
  • We know it’s hard to staff trials.

So the next logical question was, “What were we going to do about it?”

The obvious answer? Fix it! So we did. Fast forward 18 months and ClinicalBid is born. A succinct mashup of a bidding platform (think sites like LendingTree), a job market app (think sites like Indeed) and matchmaking (think sites like Orbitz….a little foreshadowing as this feature is yet to be release…*tease).

Everything about ClinicalBid is built to facilitate communication, efficiency, and cost reduction. You will notice there are no account fees. We thrive on fairness. Reducing time and effort for clinical trails should never be a burden. It should be a boon so we made it as easy as possible to use the service.

PI’s never pay, Post proposal’s at will.

Research organizations, bid on any and all proposal that fit. Never pay unless you win! (that’s only fair..we save you $$$ on marketing, you share a bit of the cost savings)

Recruiters, post your gigs in a place where consultants go. Be in the right place at the right time, not buried in some nondescript job site.

Consultants, not only can you track the industry but you can find new gigs, all in one spot.

Now it’s up to you…

We did our part. We built it however this is no Field of Dreams. It takes more than just writing software to change an industry. It takes involvement (and a lot of marketing).

There’s nothing stopping you from making your life easier. Join Clinicalbid and take some weight off your shoulders. We got you! Share your story. Tell us how to make it better. Tell us you love us. Tell us you don’t love us – just tell us why! Engagement and discussion make all ships rise.