Announcing Private Proposals (invitation-only Bidding) !

Private CRO bidding

You like the ClinicalBid solution, but you want to keep your research private?

Need to rescue a struggling trial? Reach out to new organizations without alerting your current partner!

ClinicalBid is happy to announce the release of a new major feature, Private Bidding!

With this feature, Sponsors can post clinical trial proposals that can be restricted to only a certain number of select, invitation-only bidders. When posted, no one but the invited bidders and the sponsor can read and/or reply/bid on the proposal.

This is perfect for those super secret clinical or preclinical trials you need to get moving but don’t want to show your hand just yet.

Once you have set the proposal type to Private, you will be shown a view by which you can add, remove and find bidders.

When you post a new proposal or edit and existing one, you simply switch the mode from Public to Private and select your bidders before posting.

Once you add a bidder to the invitation list, they are ready to go. The bidders will receive and invite email and access to your private clinical trial proposal in ClinicalBid.

Selecting Private Bidders

Anyone without an invitation will not be able to see the proposal contents and will be greeted with a message alerting them to this restriction.

Privacy Warning

Simple, easy, and secure. Protect your research while you use the power of ClinicalBid with the Private Proposal feature. Just one of the latest exciting new features from the team at ClinicalBid.

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