Why was ClinicalBid created?

If you have happened upon ClinicalBid, this is likely the first question you have, “Why did they build this?” Great question….let us enlighten you.

Like many of you, several years ago we needed to run a clinical trial. We put our protocol together and started calling various clinical research partners to get a quote. As you would expect we found the quotes to be quite different depending on the partner. This got us to thinking, “What is everyone else experiencing and how do others find the right partner at the right price?”

Naturally we started asking around…researchers, hospitals, universities, CRO’s and the like. What we found was chaos. Sponsors and PI’s were basically “dialing for dollars”, calling around, like we were trying to find the best partner.

We decided this had to change. There was a better way to do this.

Know your Problem Space

The first task in solving any problem, is to understand the problem space. What exactly did we want to solve. Our short list was just that, short:

  • How to find the best research partner?
  • How to get the best price?
  • How to keep researchers from having to waste time chasing chasing quotes?
  • How to find staff a trial once the partner was in place?

Imitation is Flattery

It didn’t take long to realize the best way to address most of these problems was introduce competition and communication. Competition would hopefully drive down cost and communication would allow Sponsors/PI’s/CROs and the like to more easily find each other.

The solution seemed obvious. Why not mashup a a bidding platform like http://www.lendingtree.com and a gig solution like http://www.indeeed.com.

Just like that ClinicalBid was born. Well maybe not that easily but several months and many lines of code later, ClinicalBid was born.

Field of Dreams and you….

The future and the success of ClinicalBid is really now up to you. We will continue to improve our product and features but we need your help spreading the word. There is no “Field of Dreams” on the Internet. We cannot simply build it and expect everyone will come. It takes a community, of which we hope you will be a member.